Submit Catalog


Submit, a catalog intended for campus-wide distribution, explores the personal experience of “sharing” work and the power of curation methods to foster a sense of community, ownership and engagement. At the same time, it explores the balance between automation and human input, power and submission, and community and competition.

To generate the catalog, I created an open database that allowed anyone to submit a project. Selection occurred via a basic review process in which the curator evaluated the work only on the basis of whether it met a single specific, stated criterion. In this case, the work needed only to contain at least one circle to qualify for inclusion.

Through this process, I was aiming to create a system of review, selection and curation that was open and transparent. Online sharing networks offered examples of this model in action, and provided proof of the tight-knit communities that inclusive systems can sustain. With this catalog, I was interested in whether this online model can translate to a much more limited physical space: the printed page.